Changing the World

Our world is not a fixed place.  The very earth itself changes slowly but constantly. I see the shape of the mountains and hillsides, and the stream of humanity rushing along so much like a shoal of fish, living organisms that are so beautiful but so temporary.

The rules of society are not fixed.  Our society is not a brick wall, not a nameless establishment, but a set of muteable rules and customs formed by a common belief.  Often, a belief or a rule goes unchallenged for many many decades because of our supposition of its solidity.  As soon as we question, as soon as we gently push the stones of these stone walls that are our society, we find out just how flexible and adaptable our society can be.

Its a little bit like going through life believing you are a mere mortal, and then waking up to the fact that you have been a superhero all along.  Try it.  Challenge and make changes today.  What’s the worst that can happen?IMG_9031


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