The King Family

Thank you for reading our family blog.

Blogging started for me as a way of letting off a bit of steam.  Life can sometimes be tough with three children each with their own diagnosis.  I hope it comes through though, that our family life is filled with joy and wonder.  Sometimes I consider what life would have been  like if I’d had the typical family, but in my heart I know that there is no such thing as the typical family, just as there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ human being.

If strength is the payback for adversity, my kids have made me very strong.  I have often had to fight for basic rights and provisions for them.  As well though, the kids have taught me to be adaptable.  In a privileged society we are apt to behave as toddlers when things don’t go our own way ‘Not FAIR!’ we scream before we throw our paddy in an effort to redress the fairness balance.

But when the tantrum proves ineffective we’re forced to adjust our expectations, and enjoy the life that we do have instead of ever hankering after that world of perfection, which never actually existed anyway.

Welcome to our world!



7 thoughts on “The King Family”

  1. Hi! My name is Eduardo and I’m from Brazil.

    I was translating your TED Talk into portuguese and I really enjoyed it. Then I decided to search more about you and what you’ve done, and seriously, you’re amazing! And you really touched my heart because I have an autist brother, and I love him more than anything!

    But one thing got my attention: You said you found a way of talking to your brother and your sister. One of the things I always wished was to be able to talk or understand my brother, even if it was the most simple thing ever. But he doesn’t speak, doesn’t walk, is autist and other stuff because he had a lot of complications when he was born. So if you could share how you talk do your brother, or how you can understand them, I would really enjoy.

    Thank you very much! And congratulations to all this great work you are doing!!


    Eduardo Trunci


    1. Me too.I saw your TED talk,and I think you are amazing! I wish you could share how you talk to your siblings, or how you can understand them,thanks.


  2. I first say Rosie on TED. I am so grateful for that talk. I am close with someone who has a daughter with Asperger’s and the struggles they have had have never been something I could fully understand. I am slowly learning and finding more to read. I loved your TED presentation, it brings so much to the “normal” world you refer to, I personally believe it is the “dysfunctional world”. Please keep doing what you are doing.


  3. I just watched Rosie’s TED talk, which was posted on Facebook
    A extraordinary talk and not just for autistic/Asperger’s people but for anyone who does not “fit”. As Rosie says, in her own way, “who on earth would really want to be normal?” I completely agree, the word is synonymous with average and who wants to be that? I too was very taken with the fact that Rosie has found a way to communicate with her non-verbal siblings. Does this skill work with other non-verbals outside of the house? Could we learn from what Rosie has found? I suspect we can. I’d love to hear how you are all progressing. I also wonder if the care community, and actually society in genera,l can learn lessons from the Kings.
    I also agree with Jody – it’s the world that is dysfunctional – but knowing that maybe gives hope?


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